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Thoughts & opinions as a whole......????

Canadian Parliament(Ontario) has announced that gay & lesbian relationship will be recognized at the alter if people so desire.Since this announcement people involved in said relationships have lined up to get marriage certificates in order to "Wed" legally.Laws were also passed(couple years ago) allowing people of female gender to go topless freely in public.
On a personal note,while president of our locals union i attended gay & lesbian marches in support of peoples rights to be acknowledged.Also while serving on our bargaining committee,we got same sex benefits in our contract,seemingly endless health care,drug and dental.Any prescription drug costs a mere $2.00.At any rate,I'm a firm believer in to each their own.Was just curious as to what the consensus might be here?.Thanking you in advance for your views & opinions expressed. ~ regards ~
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It should be 'to each their own'. Those who make a huge fuss about how the sanctity of marriage is going to be diluted have a point to a degree, but if one looks at the track record of those bleating the most about it, they are a bunch of hypocrits.

Just my opinion. If it doesn't affect you, why make a fuss about it?

Right on,doesn't effect me in the least.Unfortunately there are a lot it does,and i feel for those who are viewed as outcasts.
No intentions of making a fuss,merely asking how others felt on the subject.
I know what your intentions were, don't worry about that :)

I was just referring to those who make a huge fuss about this kind of thing. :)
Not a problem,no harm no foul.
No doubt,like the ole proverbial "shark infested waters"..."Hen on a june bug".Ok,whatever. ~regards~
hmm... marriage itself doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but I'm totally for equal rights to the ritual, should people choose it.
Whichever suites peoples desires,all for equal rights as well.