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I have a question for the Oracle. Where does evil come from?
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I don't think evil "comes" from anywhere, because there isn't any evil inherently. It's what we choose to do with certain things that might be considered "evil," but that's another thing: Nothing is purely good or purely evil. Everything has multiple facets to it. We live in light and dark, you know, though light more than dark. But as to its source, there isn't a real place or thing evil comes from, such as the devil or human nature, etc. I guess you could say in a way it comes from human nature, but it's not as simple as that... I don't think I believe in real evil. If you believe in God, I guess you could say it comes from a balance of dark and light, since He created everything to have an opposite.
behind the couch, r behind the toilet where the 'S-bend' goes into the floor... no one thinks to look behind there.
evil comes from closed minds and religious fanatics.
i wonder. . . .

evil comes from your need for balance in life. Maybe it only exsists because good does exists. For even positive reaction there is a negative or opposite that's the human mind for you, EVIL is what makes humans supperior to all the other animals, because of our drive for pleasure and satisfaction..maybe evil then can connected directly with

in conclusion, I believe evil comes from freewill
Where does evil come from? Look at how many ways you can rearrange the letters to make other words.

vile. live. veil. elvi.

Notice that elvi is not a word, but Elvis is a name. Thus, evils come from Elvis, while evil itself comes from a veil. Why else would so many men be afraid of commitment?
i agree with bayty
freewill combined with something called deathfear is what has driven evil into us through history. you experience death when you sleep. death is being released from the 3rd dimension. deathfear is being driven into fear of release from the 3rd dimension. we can release ourselves from being stuck in 3D at any time of day, simply by aligning our bodies and minds through proper posture, breathing and meditation. releasing deathfear through meditation is allowing yourself to be in touch with other realms or in particular, collective conciousness, which dominates the realm of the 4th dimension or time and telepathy. This increases the power of synchronization and will one day drive "evil" off this planet forever
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
The day destroies the Night,
The Night Divides the Day,
I always disliked how in tales and lore there seemed a liking to simplify something as complex as the human psychi. As far as I am concerned evil does not exist, because it does not need to. One does not have to be evil do complete "evil" deeds. Or more to the point sometimes people who are quite evil are capable of quite non evil acts. Hitler stood up for animal rights. In his earlier years he had thoughts and opinions which may just as well come from any politician's mouth today. Do this deeds make him any less evil? Do his evil deeds make him anymore? I think evil is a emotional simplication used to comfort the truth that the world is not predictable, not logical, and no...not fair. It is not black and white, night and day. Good guys Vs bad guys, Knight Vs the Dragon. These are all stories to give a sense of ease that as long as you do right all things will come to good. When the truth is its a fine line between right and wrong, and one covered in a slippery filth of doabt, ignorance and temptation. Most of histories villians' started their live with high ideals. Dreams. And to so seperate ourselves from them is to leave ourselves vulnable. And it is a slippery slope that one can not take the chance to journey.

MHOP by Timothy
The book, Wicked, covered this. The Hypothesis I personally love is that where the Great Fairy Queen Lurline is not, there is a vacuum. Sucked into the vacuum is wickedness. The vacuums become pockets of air and fly around the Earth, invisible to everything and everyone. When one walks through it, a person becomes more wicked.

Even though I love this explanation, I hate that it makes you incapable of making choices.